What is hydrogen water?

hydrogen waterI assume that in life it is worth to have an open head, so after preliminary talks and preliminary hearing the topic I decided to learn about it all a bit more.

Hydrogen is the most common chemical element in the universe. It bears the atomic number 1 and its atomic mass is equal to 1.00794 U. On earth hydrogen is mostly found in water form. It is used in the food industry as well as in aerospace technologies. In our case, hydrogen – a chemical gas – is used to carbonation normal tap water. After saturation we get the healthiest water in the world – H2 hydrogen water. Hydrogen as the sole antioxidant penetrates the blood-brain barrier, which emphasizes scientific work.

What is hydrogen water?

Laboratory tests have proven that the most important giving component of water is hydrogen. The level of hydrogen saturation determines the curative and prophylactic qualities of the world’s most popular beverage. It turns out that the famous waters of Lourdes or Tlacote contain a high level of this element. Such water is called H2 hydrogen water. Looking for a holistic approach to health, Japanese researchers have been investigating the effects of hydrogen active on human health since the years 80.

Advantages of hydrogen water:

  1. Removes free radicals
  2. Powers the cells with energy
  3. Enhances immunity
  4. Helps remove toxins

Selected features of hydrogen water H2:

  1. Eliminates worst for the body free radicals hydroxyl
  2. maintains the body’s homeostasis,
  3. Improves cell metabolism
  4. rejuvenates, improves immunity and vitality.

The human body is naturally equipped with an antioxidant system, but external factors like smog, processed food, antibiotics, UV radiation, stress or all-current chemistry cause excessive formation of free radicals. This excess is a oxidative stress with which the body no longer gives itself advice, therefore the additional leaching of free radicals is so important. I am not an expert in nutrition, the more in the new topic of hydrogen water in Poland. I am based on the knowledge and experience of others in this area and on the studies carried out (to which the link can be found below).

Be interested in the water theme and click here.

Traditionally: konfront theory with experience. Why? Because the theory and the study (which I could not see) are insufficient for me. I trust above all myself and my intuition, so for a couple of weeks I drink roughly 1.5 liters of hydrogen water a day and observe what happens to my body. It is too early to request, I do not want to betray them at this stage, therefore… I urge you first to familiarize yourself with the completely raczkującym topic of hydrogen water and to read the research on it.

and meanwhile… to “read” in another article. This entry begins a series of educational articles about this topic just now.

And here a direct link to the generator and information about hydrogen water.

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