Spring water, mineral, or tap?

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Tap water

Surely all of you have met with the statement that tap water is tested along and down and suitable for drinking. Of course-the tested water is great, but we have to look at it with a little wider perspective. Do we know all its way from the source to our tap? Kilometers of pipes that have after decades, old drains, unclean in any way taps.┬á Odechciewa a little? Also, remember that in addition to old pipes, bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms can also be on this path. I don’t want to scare you and completely forbid drinking this water, but remember to boil or filter it and use it every day-for even cooking or as an ingredient in a variety of dishes. Of course, tea also tastes best with boiled tap water. If you want to know if you can drink tap water in your area, please visit this page.

Spring water

The most popular, cheapest and every network discount has its own-spring water. Is it good? Of course-any water is good, but does it have the appropriate properties that will help in the shortage of minerals? With this already worse. The problem of this water is that it is light, and even you can be tempted to say: empty. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy it, but it’s not the best carrier of these good ingredients.

Mineral water

And here it’s time for my favorite water. Certainly given the two previous paragraphs, you guess why. I am an athlete, a trainer and most importantly a father. I want to take care of my family and about myself-as best as possible. That’s why I choose mineral Water for my daily solo drink. First-it helps to actually get irrigate. Tap water does not help in the long run with thirst. Secondly, magnesium, which is found in water, is much easier to assimilate than that contained in food. Warning-up to 30 times better! Third-┼Üredniozmineralizowana water helps to maintain high physical performance, so you will always see me with a bottle of water magnet during your workout. This type of water is also ideal for daily drinking. Fourth (and here my subjective opinion)-has a taste! The ordinary water is kind of sterile, and the mineral water has its taste, and sometimes even it can be felt that the contained ingredients are like carbonated.

I hope that I have convinced you a bit to what is good and what is rather neutral.

In front of the choice of water in the market, remember that the label does not count. Pay attention to the composition. The more minerals-the better.

On health!

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