Papaya shake

Papaya shakeThe papaya is green-yellow, inside an orange, oval Shaped. Papaya fruits usually available in our market have About. 20 cm long, in nature grow up to half a metre.

Components for papaya shake

  •     1/2 Papaya
  •     1 banana
  •     1 cup of vegetable milk (E.G. Almond and Rice)
  •     1 cup of coconut water (or vegetable milk j.w.)
  •     1 tbsp maple syrup

Preparation papaya shake

  1.     lengthwise in Half. From Mid-papaya Choose a spoon and peel the SEEDS. The other half can be stowed in the refrigerator and used on another Occasion.
  2.     Papaya cut into cubes and put into a blender container. Add the peeled sliced banana, vegetable milk and coconut water and maple syrup. Mix on a velvety texture.

How to eat papaya?

Preferably RAW. Pieces of fruit can be drizzleed with lemon or season with salt and pepper. Papaję can be added to sorbets, ice creams and fruit salads. however, you have to add just before serving, because it causes the miękniecie of other Fruits. Papaya Juice is ideal as a refreshing beverage for warmer weather. Papaya blends well with cooked dishes – seafood, chicken, curry, stew or spicy dishes. Thanks to the enzyme, papainie, papaya fruit combined with meat gives them brittleness.

Their use in the kitchen also have papaya seeds, because they are well suited for seasoning Dishes.

Before you take your papaya, you have to rinse it thoroughly-so rid not only the dirt, but especially the pesticides, which the fruit can be covered. Then download the inedible and bitter skin with a knife, cut papaję in half and choose. The rest of the papaya pulp can be cut into cubes.

Papaya – nutritional values

Papaya contains quite A few vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin A and folic acid, potassium, copper, magnesium, fiber, flavonoids and papain enzyme. One papaya fruit supplies a lot of energy – about 120 kcal, Most of them are hydrocarbons.

Papaya contains more vitamin C than oranges and grapefruits – one fruit provides twice the dose of daily demand for this compound. This ensures that the papaya enhances immunity and has anti-inflammatory effects. It also neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals.

In turn, thanks to vitamin A, the papaya improves eyesight and positively affects the Skin. In addition, this vitamin, along with flavonoids (lutein, zeaksantyną and kryptoksantyną) have strong antioxidant effects – they prevent the body from aging. In turn, the enzyme papain, which has the ability to digest proteins, promotes the work of the digestive System. Promotes weight loss and prevents constipation and flatulence.

Papaya Exhibits strong anti-cancer effects. Supports the production of so-called That inhibit the growth of cancer. It protects against breast tumor, prostate cancer, cervix, lungs and Pancreas. It strengthens the circulatory system, reduces the risk of infarction, stroke or atherosclerosis because it reduces the synthesis of bad cholesterol in the Body. Papaya seeds are also edible.

Papaya seeds are black, round, peppery and bitter in taste. They are considered a natural cure, which can help with many Ailments. They help in the inflammation, relieve pain, fight ringworm, can also be used as an antiparasitic Agent.

Papaya – contraindications

Papaya is not, however, a fruit that can eat all people. Some people are allergic to it. Papaya contains a white liquid that can cause irritation and allergic reactions. It causes a cross-hair allergy with latex – this means that people allergic to latex are also allergic to papaya.

The papaya  should also be considered pregnant women because the seeds can cause foetal harm. The dangerous is also the immature, green papaya fruit. It contains large amounts of karpainy alkaloid, which can endanger our health if eaten in higher doses. The immature papaya fruit can be cooked to rid unwanted compounds.

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