How to remineralize ro water?

remineralize ro waterUp to 70% of our body consists of water – That’s Why it is important to regularly replenish it during the day. however, we often forget that not every water is the same! The majority of the waters contain a variety of mineral salts-but they differ in the degree of saturation of these valuable ingredients for our Health. What water to drink, not only to irrigate the body, but also to take care of the correct levels of macro and trace elements?

Nutrients in Water – what does it drink?

Practically every water contains ions of mineral salts, but in different proportions. Using the distinction according to the degree of water mineralization, we can divide them into.

It would seem that, therefore, the more mineral substances – so important for our health – we deliver together with the water, the better for Us. But is it true? Do not necessarily!

Healthy Nutrition with mineral water

The proper diet will certainly come in need products rich necessary for the proper functioning of our body Micro-and Macroelements. But is water a good source? Certainly the minerals contained therein are very helpful in keeping the body healthy, but do not overdo them. Which water should we choose?

Water remineralize ro water -among them we find also so Called. Medicinal waters which are characterised by an exceptionally high mineral content. They are usually extracted from deep, underground layers of Aquifers. Thanks to the isolation from external factors, they are characterized by exceptional purity and constancy of Composition. But drinking them too much can harm us-also the excess of Micro-and macronutrients is not beneficial to our Health. They should be avoided primarily by children and pregnant women and during breastfeeding. It is recommended for athletes-especially since calcium and magnesium contained in them prevent the formation of sourdough.

Medicated water should be eaten very carefully-1 cup a day completely enough. Whether we can take it more and how long we need to do it, ask your Doctor. Other waters of this group can be eaten daily, of course, in the absence of contraindications, however, we should drink them interchangeably with the product of medium or, in order not to burden the kidneys too much.

Water-most of us can drink them without restriction-water remineralize ro water is not indicated for young children, as well as women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Water-it’s usually spring water or so-called. Mineral deposits with a low mineralization rate. We can drink them without restriction-they will also be suitable for babies. With their use, we can also prepare home meals and Drinks-they will not change their taste, and perfectly rospuszczą all the Nutrients.

Water mineralisation and proper nutrition although water should not be the primary source of minerals in our diet, it will be a good choice as a diet Supplement. We find in It:

  •     Magnesium-strengthens immunity, is responsible for proper functioning of the nervous system and muscle work,
  •     Sulfur-supports the liver in its purification function of the body of toxins, and also softenss our joints,
  •     Potassium-promotes memory and concentration through participation in brain dotlenianiu, moreover, improves the functioning of the nervous and muscular system,
  •     Sodium-regulates the water and Acid-alkaline body, promotes the absorption of nutrients and is responsible for the normal operation of the heart muscle,
  •     Chlorine-regulates Digestive processes, Evens The PH and water management of the organism,
  •     Calcium-is responsible for strong bones and teeth, improves the work of the nervous system and also affects the proper clotting of the blood.

Just remember not to overdo it. The functioning of the systems and organs on which the work is influenced by the various elements may be disturbed by excess. So choose wisely!

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