Crossfit in runner Training

crossfitCrossfit is a three-pillar training system:

  1. Endurance exercises such as: running, swimming, cycling, paddling, jumping on rope;
  2. Gymnastics such as: squats, pushups, pulling, string support, walking on hands, climbing rope;
  3. Exercises with external load such as: Olympic Dwubój, so screen tearing and the allegation and toss, the dead string, squeezing weights over the head, but also the use of other instruments-kettlebells, medical balls, sleighs, sacks.

The idea behind Crossfit is to shape a comprehensive physical performance without specialization in any particular field that can cause a loss of competence in another scope. The idea is to be able to run and swim fast enough, but at the same time he could work with the load of his own body and could lift relatively heavy objects. The ideal is a steady development within ten motor traits: Cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, strength, force, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy.

The soul of Crossfit is high-intensity work with a competitive element. Each training is carried out in a group working under the guidance of an instructor. During the Met-Con (difference between Metcon and HIIT) everyone strives to achieve the best result – it is a motivating factor for maximum commitment to effort. And what’s the most exciting is the fact that every workout is different and you probably never do the same session. You have to be prepared for the unknown and unexpected.

It is also worth noting that CrossFit focuses on the science of functional movements, so those that each of us performs in daily life: schylając to shopping, make a dead string, sitting on a chair, doing a squat, putting a suitcase on the top shelf Closets, squeeze it over your head, and so on… Thanks to training you become more efficient every day.

Gyms and fitness clubs offer a variety of cross-activities. How much such an attachment have to Crossfit?

Crossfit is an open source system – it is a globally collaborative community. Through the Internet, trainers and players all the time exchange experiences and ideas. Everyone can draw inspiration, train in their own basement or garage or just outside. However, the result is that there are fitness instructors who try to sneak a little bit of this training to their activities. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as everyone is aware that what they do is not crossfitem in one hundred percent.

There is also luck in sport, so you can buy an amulet to provide you with it.  Cross-training in many fitness clubs is based on a simplified version of Crossfitu, which can be defined simply as an intensive peripheral training. I can bet that no fitness club owner will be able to shed heavy rods on the floor… And such views are everyday in universal box crossfitowym. Ordinary clubs simply do not have the conditions to carry out this type of training-here rules the neatness and aesthetics, and in the real universal box, well… Nobody is afraid of a little bit of suffering associated with intensive training, the training climate is a little more harsh. You just have to like it.

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