5-Day Juices treatment effects

Juices treatment effectsWhat is the purpose of purification? Nowadays, junk food reigns supreme. Someone wise once said that the world does not need wars. Today, it is enough for food shops, which we are slowly finishing. We kill ourselves. Everywhere full of improvers, dyes, preservatives, products with an expiration date of up to 2050. We are inundated with pseudo-food dressed in beautiful, colorful and confidence-inspiring packaging. We are taking on a catchy fit-slogans screaming everywhere. We are addicted to sugar and salt. Our energy is at such a mediocre level that, after some time, we recognize that the notorious lack of strength is normal. And as you know, a lie repeated with a regular intensity becomes true.

I see young, theoretically healthy people who look bad. Pale faces adorned with tens of pimples masked with careful makeup. Slender looks, damaged complexions, brittle nails, dark circles under eyes, sunken chests… These are not extreme cases. Why is this happening? Because we carry, which we feed. Because we eat too fast, still on the run, causing the leftovers of undigested food to rest in our intestines. Because we deliver empty calories to our body that give us a temporary energy boost. Because the food that goes to our stomachs is to the limits of possibilities. I can multiply and multiply…

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I recently felt that my body needed changes and new energy. I felt that despite a pretty healthy lifestyle (though it’s difficult to judge, because as you know, our mind has an incredibly ability to idealizee a reality) I need to take another step in your development. It is already a bit so that if you want to change for the better and you can implement them, then after reaching a certain desired result, you can not rest on your laurels, because… otherwise you are doomed to withdraw in development. It looks a bit like a prominent bodybuilder after 20 years of career, suddenly stopped. Effects? Developed for years wilt muscles, and the body begins to rampage, that is, disaster is close. Life likes movement!

Experience Detox Effects

  • The ejection of toxic substances from our body and undigested of residual metabolism,
  •     Dump of a few excessive kilos,
  •     Relieving our digestive system,
  •     Detox is an amazing experience that allows us to better feel our own body,
  •     To provide our body with the necessary micronutrients and vitamins
  •     Going out of the comfort zone to forget for a moment about the stinking ing that sits in most of today’s society.

Before you start

If every day you do not too much care about what you eat, you eat a lot of processed products, and in your menu is missing fruit and vegetables, before you at all start thinking about cleansing, you have to make an entry into it. Otherwise you survive the two worst days of your life. The better the introduction to purification, the milder the symptoms during the appropriate treatment. Two weeks before the correct treatment is recommended:

  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits,
  •     Give up on junk food, sugar, coffee, tea, meat, alcohol,
  •     Drink plenty of water with lemon (up to 3 liters per day),
  •     Drink cleansing teas and herbs.

In addition, I recommend performing basic blood and urine tests. Preferably before treatment and two weeks after treatment. Then black and white we see the effects.

First day

The juices are so composed that you’re not going hungry. Despite this, the body demands sleep and the person does not spurt energy. That day I felt that the purification process was just coming. The worst enemy on this day was the mind that demanded the attention of unhealthy food. I felt like Coke, bars and generally everything sweet. Case?

Day two

Headache, drowsiness, sharpened senses demanding syfiastego eating, spore pimples on the face and aversion to life. The best part of the day was training. Without it it would be really hard. That day I also visited the toilet twice, leaving some leftover food in the gut.

Day three

The overall lack of energy for anything. Nausea, headache, irritability and apathy. I also left a large package in the toilet. Definitely heaviest day. Surprisingly, the desire for unhealthy food has dropped strongly, and the hunger feeling almost never doskwierało. At the end of the day I left for an hour of running. I felt an undescribed lightness and plenty of energy. Subconsciously I felt that the fourth day would be the best and I could not wait for him quietly.

Day four

Energy dissipates. Nothing hurts, nothing plagued by. A strange peace of mind. Physically I feel brilliant. What I remember from this day is a picture: I’m going on a bike. Favorite music in your ears. The sun is shining and the air temperature is perfectly optimal. At one point, so totally unconditionally, I weep with happiness and smile to myself. Totally for no reason! So far I can not explain this phenomenon, but it was absolutely unconditional experience. Beautiful. It was probably my most productive day. It is worth adding that I woke up after 4 hours of sleep…

Day five

It certainly wasn’t as spectacular as day four. Despite this well-being is still excellent, and the level of energy above average. In his head a lot of peace and willingness to act. At the end of the day I feel that I really want to go back to eat (which I didn’t feel 4 day). The best part is that my body tells me what it would want to eat. And it’s not junk hints… In my head wybrzmiewają the sounds of avocados, tomatoes and fresh greens.

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