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money amulet A lucky amulet in MoneyThe symbols of happiness is accompanied by the humanity practically forever, because each of us would like to have happiness and prosperity every day. The vast majority of people want to be happy, it’s natural, we have but one life, that we need to use as best as possible. Do not be afraid to take chances, to discover what really makes us joy and fulfillment, not Money Amulet to try new things.

One way to ensure a larger decks happiness and prosperity is to use various amulets and talismans for happiness, which are based on symbols used by generations of the representatives of the human species. You should use the without concern of heritage, which left us the ancestors in the form of secret knowledge on topics related to spirituality.

Money Amulet is an old Christian symbol, a powerful talisman, which connects man to the source of divine energy, cleanses the soul and body, attracts success and material prosperity, gives happiness.

Faith is perpetuated and woven by time. Twelve of the arms is formed from entwined hands purification Saints Apostles. Cross in the middle of a star means the place where he was crucified and rose from the dead Teacher.

Money Amulet hides secrets of the cross and of purification, brings to strengthen the Spirit, is hyphen with God. Many people wear on this star, and to their homes comes success and health. Not only has the healing properties of the Money Amulet prosperity also, material prosperity.

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Talismans wish-fulfilling centuries are present the culture of different peoples. Our ancestors, trusting their spiritual power, to benefit from the many positive characteristics of these magical items-above all with the power to bring good luck and protect against misfortunes. Talismans its strength comes from carved on them magical symbols. It is no different in the case of a magic item, which is a silver talisman which meets your wishes.

A wish-fulfilling talisman with engraved on it the symbol is one of the keys to life fulfillment. The second is an integral part of a very strong faith in his action. These two aspects combined together produce spiritual path leading us to achieve the objectives pursued and dream goals. It is interesting to note that only depends on us whether the designated roads in full we will use.

Thanks to the wish-fulfilling talisman is made from silver, the stronger is its protective action against evil powers. For centuries the metal was used in this application. It was believed that evil spirits and negative powers for some reason are afraid just silver and avoid contact with it.

This type of Talisman you can recommend any person wishing to take fate into their own hands and start to fulfill their life’s dreams. This magical item works well as a gift for a loved one. Only, in fact, provided its use is the belief in its power.

Money Amulet is one of the most important among all possible amulets. The angels provide the wearer what essentially makes him a joy, make it feel it and probably will walk by path, what set him to be. Seven great archangels, through poorly talisman will ensure prosperity and success in every aspect of life.

In search of inspiration to reach for you and to the world of Vikings and militant left by them. Money Amulet suspended on the amazing will allow you to enjoy life each day, will provide joy wherever we are and whatever we do. Incredible symbol will attract to us new, valuable friendships and will help distinguish these valuable people from these toxic. Help get out of the deepest depression.

The ancient Egyptians believed in the supernatural powers of the amulets and talismans, which were protected from death and evil spirits, the Celts were turning their homestead in horse Horseshoe to ward off malicious forest sprites, and modern Japanese owe the richness of the Money Amulet statue of a cat. No matter if you are superstitious, and you like to increase your chances of success with different happy gadgets or rather belong to people who more than Money Amulet they prefer to rely on their skills, knowledge and common sense – you absolutely need to know the list of 10 the most popular symbols of happiness. Find out where the conviction of their remarkable properties, and you will never look the same way on with raised trunk or a Horseshoe.

In the following years, and with time and thus the Money Amulet are building up the faith that brings good luck. She was said to mean the favor of the gods, striving for success, victory in battle and good yields (other religions also have opted in this version). Unusual specimens of different plant ages were considered magic, endowed with magical powers. Clover is a symbol of active life force that overcomes adversity. White and (hereinafter referred to as the), the Celts considered magical plants. Respect them also Christians. One of them is a four-leaf clover, known from European folklore, which is supposed to provide the Finder a great success. Occurs mostly as a three. Rare is the four-leaf.

Money Amulet is iron. You just need to know where and how to place it. Best work when we suspend it above the entrance door to our House. If we suspend it in position “U” will be attracted positive events and happy coincidences-it’s that “Fortunately”. However, Hung opposite will protect us from the evil powers, jealousy, envy, and unwanted visitors. Closes and protects us from negative energy. It is best to nail her 7 nails, because this number is considered to be a magical and bringing happiness.

Now look at the elephant animal impressive, enormous size – allows you to understand why it is equated with power, strength and power. Undoubtedly because elephants can we associate with such characteristics-are majestic and in the wild do not have any enemies. The problem for them became the only man …

In almost every culture in the world every seventh year of life is considered-ny for a breakthrough. Are holding then. “rituals of transition”. We finish one step, here we go again. We shaped the tradition and … biology. Historian of Christianity, Dorothea Forstner Osb, writes: “not only the seventh day is designed to relax and show reverence to God, but also every seventh year is holy. According to the teaching of the fathers of the Church is the Holy number seven, because God after the creation of the world rested on just the seventh day.

He wanted this day Holy bed, and give an example of the eternal rest-bat, in which the world reaches its perfection. That is why this day is» pride «the other days, like the seventh year is pride years. “human life could be split into the seven-year periods in ancient times. It is interesting that, in ancient Greece, as well as in India and among the tribes and -States, childhood ended at the age of 7 years. Why is this number? Can our prehistoric ancestors believe what today confirmed the medical research: every 7 years exchange all the cells in the body (that is, in other words, every 7 years to discourage).


Crossfit in runner Training

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crossfitCrossfit is a three-pillar training system:

  1. Endurance exercises such as: running, swimming, cycling, paddling, jumping on rope;
  2. Gymnastics such as: squats, pushups, pulling, string support, walking on hands, climbing rope;
  3. Exercises with external load such as: Olympic Dwubój, so screen tearing and the allegation and toss, the dead string, squeezing weights over the head, but also the use of other instruments-kettlebells, medical balls, sleighs, sacks.

The idea behind Crossfit is to shape a comprehensive physical performance without specialization in any particular field that can cause a loss of competence in another scope. The idea is to be able to run and swim fast enough, but at the same time he could work with the load of his own body and could lift relatively heavy objects. The ideal is a steady development within ten motor traits: Cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, strength, force, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy.

The soul of Crossfit is high-intensity work with a competitive element. Each training is carried out in a group working under the guidance of an instructor. During the Met-Con (difference between Metcon and HIIT) everyone strives to achieve the best result – it is a motivating factor for maximum commitment to effort. And what’s the most exciting is the fact that every workout is different and you probably never do the same session. You have to be prepared for the unknown and unexpected.

It is also worth noting that CrossFit focuses on the science of functional movements, so those that each of us performs in daily life: schylając to shopping, make a dead string, sitting on a chair, doing a squat, putting a suitcase on the top shelf Closets, squeeze it over your head, and so on… Thanks to training you become more efficient every day.

Gyms and fitness clubs offer a variety of cross-activities. How much such an attachment have to Crossfit?

Crossfit is an open source system – it is a globally collaborative community. Through the Internet, trainers and players all the time exchange experiences and ideas. Everyone can draw inspiration, train in their own basement or garage or just outside. However, the result is that there are fitness instructors who try to sneak a little bit of this training to their activities. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as everyone is aware that what they do is not crossfitem in one hundred percent.

There is also luck in sport, so you can buy an amulet to provide you with it.  Cross-training in many fitness clubs is based on a simplified version of Crossfitu, which can be defined simply as an intensive peripheral training. I can bet that no fitness club owner will be able to shed heavy rods on the floor… And such views are everyday in universal box crossfitowym. Ordinary clubs simply do not have the conditions to carry out this type of training-here rules the neatness and aesthetics, and in the real universal box, well… Nobody is afraid of a little bit of suffering associated with intensive training, the training climate is a little more harsh. You just have to like it.


What is hydrogen water?

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hydrogen waterI assume that in life it is worth to have an open head, so after preliminary talks and preliminary hearing the topic I decided to learn about it all a bit more.

Hydrogen is the most common chemical element in the universe. It bears the atomic number 1 and its atomic mass is equal to 1.00794 U. On earth hydrogen is mostly found in water form. It is used in the food industry as well as in aerospace technologies. In our case, hydrogen – a chemical gas – is used to carbonation normal tap water. After saturation we get the healthiest water in the world – H2 hydrogen water. Hydrogen as the sole antioxidant penetrates the blood-brain barrier, which emphasizes scientific work.

What is hydrogen water?

Laboratory tests have proven that the most important giving component of water is hydrogen. The level of hydrogen saturation determines the curative and prophylactic qualities of the world’s most popular beverage. It turns out that the famous waters of Lourdes or Tlacote contain a high level of this element. Such water is called H2 hydrogen water. Looking for a holistic approach to health, Japanese researchers have been investigating the effects of hydrogen active on human health since the years 80.

Advantages of hydrogen water:

  1. Removes free radicals
  2. Powers the cells with energy
  3. Enhances immunity
  4. Helps remove toxins

Selected features of hydrogen water H2:

  1. Eliminates worst for the body free radicals hydroxyl
  2. maintains the body’s homeostasis,
  3. Improves cell metabolism
  4. rejuvenates, improves immunity and vitality.

The human body is naturally equipped with an antioxidant system, but external factors like smog, processed food, antibiotics, UV radiation, stress or all-current chemistry cause excessive formation of free radicals. This excess is a oxidative stress with which the body no longer gives itself advice, therefore the additional leaching of free radicals is so important. I am not an expert in nutrition, the more in the new topic of hydrogen water in Poland. I am based on the knowledge and experience of others in this area and on the studies carried out (to which the link can be found below).

Be interested in the water theme and click here.

Traditionally: konfront theory with experience. Why? Because the theory and the study (which I could not see) are insufficient for me. I trust above all myself and my intuition, so for a couple of weeks I drink roughly 1.5 liters of hydrogen water a day and observe what happens to my body. It is too early to request, I do not want to betray them at this stage, therefore… I urge you first to familiarize yourself with the completely raczkującym topic of hydrogen water and to read the research on it.

and meanwhile… to “read” in another article. This entry begins a series of educational articles about this topic just now.

And here a direct link to the generator and information about hydrogen water.


Spring water, mineral, or tap?

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drink water

Tap water

Surely all of you have met with the statement that tap water is tested along and down and suitable for drinking. Of course-the tested water is great, but we have to look at it with a little wider perspective. Do we know all its way from the source to our tap? Kilometers of pipes that have after decades, old drains, unclean in any way taps.  Odechciewa a little? Also, remember that in addition to old pipes, bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms can also be on this path. I don’t want to scare you and completely forbid drinking this water, but remember to boil or filter it and use it every day-for even cooking or as an ingredient in a variety of dishes. Of course, tea also tastes best with boiled tap water. If you want to know if you can drink tap water in your area, please visit this page.

Spring water

The most popular, cheapest and every network discount has its own-spring water. Is it good? Of course-any water is good, but does it have the appropriate properties that will help in the shortage of minerals? With this already worse. The problem of this water is that it is light, and even you can be tempted to say: empty. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy it, but it’s not the best carrier of these good ingredients.

Mineral water

And here it’s time for my favorite water. Certainly given the two previous paragraphs, you guess why. I am an athlete, a trainer and most importantly a father. I want to take care of my family and about myself-as best as possible. That’s why I choose mineral Water for my daily solo drink. First-it helps to actually get irrigate. Tap water does not help in the long run with thirst. Secondly, magnesium, which is found in water, is much easier to assimilate than that contained in food. Warning-up to 30 times better! Third-Średniozmineralizowana water helps to maintain high physical performance, so you will always see me with a bottle of water magnet during your workout. This type of water is also ideal for daily drinking. Fourth (and here my subjective opinion)-has a taste! The ordinary water is kind of sterile, and the mineral water has its taste, and sometimes even it can be felt that the contained ingredients are like carbonated.

I hope that I have convinced you a bit to what is good and what is rather neutral.

In front of the choice of water in the market, remember that the label does not count. Pay attention to the composition. The more minerals-the better.

On health!


5-Day Juices treatment effects

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Juices treatment effectsWhat is the purpose of purification? Nowadays, junk food reigns supreme. Someone wise once said that the world does not need wars. Today, it is enough for food shops, which we are slowly finishing. We kill ourselves. Everywhere full of improvers, dyes, preservatives, products with an expiration date of up to 2050. We are inundated with pseudo-food dressed in beautiful, colorful and confidence-inspiring packaging. We are taking on a catchy fit-slogans screaming everywhere. We are addicted to sugar and salt. Our energy is at such a mediocre level that, after some time, we recognize that the notorious lack of strength is normal. And as you know, a lie repeated with a regular intensity becomes true.

I see young, theoretically healthy people who look bad. Pale faces adorned with tens of pimples masked with careful makeup. Slender looks, damaged complexions, brittle nails, dark circles under eyes, sunken chests… These are not extreme cases. Why is this happening? Because we carry, which we feed. Because we eat too fast, still on the run, causing the leftovers of undigested food to rest in our intestines. Because we deliver empty calories to our body that give us a temporary energy boost. Because the food that goes to our stomachs is to the limits of possibilities. I can multiply and multiply…

Try a delicious papaya shake that’s easy to do at home.

I recently felt that my body needed changes and new energy. I felt that despite a pretty healthy lifestyle (though it’s difficult to judge, because as you know, our mind has an incredibly ability to idealizee a reality) I need to take another step in your development. It is already a bit so that if you want to change for the better and you can implement them, then after reaching a certain desired result, you can not rest on your laurels, because… otherwise you are doomed to withdraw in development. It looks a bit like a prominent bodybuilder after 20 years of career, suddenly stopped. Effects? Developed for years wilt muscles, and the body begins to rampage, that is, disaster is close. Life likes movement!

Experience Detox Effects

  • The ejection of toxic substances from our body and undigested of residual metabolism,
  •     Dump of a few excessive kilos,
  •     Relieving our digestive system,
  •     Detox is an amazing experience that allows us to better feel our own body,
  •     To provide our body with the necessary micronutrients and vitamins
  •     Going out of the comfort zone to forget for a moment about the stinking ing that sits in most of today’s society.

Before you start

If every day you do not too much care about what you eat, you eat a lot of processed products, and in your menu is missing fruit and vegetables, before you at all start thinking about cleansing, you have to make an entry into it. Otherwise you survive the two worst days of your life. The better the introduction to purification, the milder the symptoms during the appropriate treatment. Two weeks before the correct treatment is recommended:

  • Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits,
  •     Give up on junk food, sugar, coffee, tea, meat, alcohol,
  •     Drink plenty of water with lemon (up to 3 liters per day),
  •     Drink cleansing teas and herbs.

In addition, I recommend performing basic blood and urine tests. Preferably before treatment and two weeks after treatment. Then black and white we see the effects.

First day

The juices are so composed that you’re not going hungry. Despite this, the body demands sleep and the person does not spurt energy. That day I felt that the purification process was just coming. The worst enemy on this day was the mind that demanded the attention of unhealthy food. I felt like Coke, bars and generally everything sweet. Case?

Day two

Headache, drowsiness, sharpened senses demanding syfiastego eating, spore pimples on the face and aversion to life. The best part of the day was training. Without it it would be really hard. That day I also visited the toilet twice, leaving some leftover food in the gut.

Day three

The overall lack of energy for anything. Nausea, headache, irritability and apathy. I also left a large package in the toilet. Definitely heaviest day. Surprisingly, the desire for unhealthy food has dropped strongly, and the hunger feeling almost never doskwierało. At the end of the day I left for an hour of running. I felt an undescribed lightness and plenty of energy. Subconsciously I felt that the fourth day would be the best and I could not wait for him quietly.

Day four

Energy dissipates. Nothing hurts, nothing plagued by. A strange peace of mind. Physically I feel brilliant. What I remember from this day is a picture: I’m going on a bike. Favorite music in your ears. The sun is shining and the air temperature is perfectly optimal. At one point, so totally unconditionally, I weep with happiness and smile to myself. Totally for no reason! So far I can not explain this phenomenon, but it was absolutely unconditional experience. Beautiful. It was probably my most productive day. It is worth adding that I woke up after 4 hours of sleep…

Day five

It certainly wasn’t as spectacular as day four. Despite this well-being is still excellent, and the level of energy above average. In his head a lot of peace and willingness to act. At the end of the day I feel that I really want to go back to eat (which I didn’t feel 4 day). The best part is that my body tells me what it would want to eat. And it’s not junk hints… In my head wybrzmiewają the sounds of avocados, tomatoes and fresh greens.


Watermelon – Properties and nutritional values, calories

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Watermelon caloriesWatermelon is a fruit with a high popularity. Not only because of the refreshing taste, but also because of the nutritional and health properties that owes the natural dyestuff to enter-likopenowi. Watermelon does not provide many calories and is used in slimming diets.

Watermelon is the fruit of plants in the family of gourds, originating in South Africa, where to this day growing under natural conditions. Probably around the 12TH-13th century it reached to Europe, where he quickly appreciated its large and juicy fruit. Today it is grown on an industrial scale, above all in the countries of the Mediterranean basin and other regions with warm climates, because it is a plant światłolubną, needy, too much water.

Watermelon calories

The fruit flesh is made up of more than 90% of water, which is why not only effectively refreshes, but also is a valued component of the weight loss diet or who want to keep body weight stable-100 g of watermelon supplies only 30 calories. In addition, the watermelon is characterized by high glycaemic index (75), so when his eating is followed by a fairly rapid rise in blood glucose, IE. Diabetes poposiłkowa. In recent times increasingly takes into account other indicator-glycemic load, which allows you to determine the actual impact the amount of ingested carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. In the case of watermelon is 4 (120 g of the fruit provides 4 g of carbohydrates), which is quite low and safe for health or figures.

Watermelon properties

Watermelon properties result mainly from the high content of lycopene, which is red dye from the family of carotenoids, which has a very positive impact on human health. First of all, it is a very potent antioxidant, able to effectively remove from the body of oxygen free radicals and protect cells from their harmful effects. Lycopene also helps regenerate other valuable antioxidants such as lutein or zeaxanthin.

Dye suitable color miąższowi watermelon has a positive effect on the circulatory system (lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol-LDL) and the appearance of the skin (the juice of this fruit works astringent and cleansing, helps in the treatment of inflammatory or zajadów). Lycopene is considered to be a substance with a protective anticancer action, plays a special role in the proper functioning of the prostate gland and helps to lower the risk of developing cancer of the male prostate gland. It can also inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the large intestine.

About the nutritional value of watermelon provides high levels of citrulline-organic chemical from a group of amino acids which stimulates immunity of the organism and increases levels of arginine in the blood. This improves strength and endurance, and also speeds up the muscle recovery after a big effort, for example. sports training.

Watermelon shows antibacterial and anticoagulation. Due to the high water content of fruit is a diuretic, and cleanses body of toxins. It is also effective in the treatment of edema caused by impaired heart and kidney.

Watermelon as a source of vitamins

The fruit flesh is primarily water, carbohydrates and dietary fibre. However, watermelon also provides a bit of vitamins, above all, beta-carotene (vitamin A), folic acid, vitamin C, Pantothenic acid and to a lesser extent vitamins: B1, B2 and B3 and B6.

Amino acids

In the composition of the watermelons we find, in turn, high content of antioxidants ( lycopene, beta-carotene, lutein) and amino acids (citrulline). Antioxidants help protect the body against cancer, as well as delay the aging process of the skin. Citrulline in turn promotes the excretion of ammonia from the body. It accumulates in it especially when the diet is high protein, which most often occurs in people actively athletes.

Besides the active ingredients contained in arbuzie to improve circulatory and are helpful in removing from the harmful compounds that may accumulate after an intense workout.


Calories in pineapple

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Calories in pineappleThat pineapples are delicious, I think everyone knows-it seems that these are some of the most popular exotic fruits in our country. However, not everyone is aware of the nutritional value (and it’s not just about calories) may pineapples, and those words with a grain of salt, a variety of other fruits (or even dietary supplements!) can envy.

Pineapples, really, green plants of the family. This word is also usually multiple pineapple dining-room, which is one of its species-they are by us with such a desire to being consumed. The presence of pineapple on our tables we owe to Chris the mighty Columbus. Europeans for the first time they heard about it, when the sailor brought it from Guadeloupe.

Over time, the expanded cultivation of pineapple with India, South Africa, the island of Java and the Philippines. Pineapple (also known as pineapple or pineapple) is the crop, where the largest producers are Hawaii, Mexico, the Philippines and Brazil. In the latter pineapple occurs in the wild, and that is what Brazilians first found about how valuable fruits are pineapples-it is interesting that in Brazil it is from a piece of fresh pineapple meat begins to digest food. Sounds weird? On closer examination it is found that the pineapple properties, such a practice is fully justified.

Pineapple – nutritional and medicinal properties

100 grams of pineapple has about 50 calories (kcal), of which almost all come from carbohydrates (these pineapple contains 100 grams about 13 grams, while the fat content of the pineapple is approximately 0.12%, and protein about 0.54%).

Fiber content in the pineapple may not be too high, as it is only 1.4%, but pineapple is a snack and a bathroom that adds energy. It is important to know that pineapples are also a rich source of many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, folic acid, B6 and minerals: copper and manganese.

Minerals and vitamins, however, is not all that pineapple has to offer us. It (the largest concentration in the core) a mixture of five of proteolytic enzymes called collectively bromelina and bromelina is responsible for most of the properties of the pineapple. Keep in mind that like any bromelina enzyme is worsening economic to heat treatment (above 60 degrees), so is killed under the influence of even light cooking, I have it also in the popular ananasach of cans.

Thanks to the high content of vitamin C (about 48 mg/100 g of the product), pineapple is a great immune system without adjuvant. Besides, it has antioxidant activity, and so its consumption translates into a healthy, youthful appearance and well-being.

Scientists say that PINEAPPLES reduces the risk of osteoporosis. They are a source of manganese (which helps absorption of calcium from food and building it in the bone), iron (which prevents bone fragility) and copper (needed for collagen synthesis). The same with its regular consumption should remember women in menopause, as these particularly vulnerable are descaling. You should also give a pineapple to eat children, because their skeleton is still evolving.

Pineapples, with bromeliny, have medicinal properties. First of all, relieve inflammation and associated pain (this is because bromelina inhibits the synthesis of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins). Thus, if we had a concussion or injury of any kind, they hurt us joints or muscles, and so on, we should be eating (necessarily!) fresh pineapple. Let’s try to also replace the traditional pain medications and may be waiting for us a pleasant surprise!

Pineapple juice is ideal but as a liquid for rinsing the mouth and throat infection, especially those running with a cough. Bromelina relieves him and thins the phlegm, which is easier to odkrztuszać it.

Bromelina also has an anticoagulant effect. This pineapple should introduce into your diet individuals who are exposed to related to the formation of blood clots cardiovascular disease (e.g., coronary heart disease). Bromelina also stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, so pineapple is the perfect snack for those suffering from due to their deficiency of stomach upset.

Pineapple: the nutritional and caloric content

the nutritional and caloric contentAnanas is a species of plants, of which the largest plantations are located in Mexico, Brazil, China and the Philippines and Hawaii. The average mass of the fruit is 1-2 kilograms, though sometimes you can meet with a larger specimen up to 5 kilograms. The pineapple has a high nutritional value. It is rich of vitamins and minerals. Provides very high amounts of vitamin C, which belongs to the natural antioxidant substances. Strengthens immunity of the body, inhibits the aging process of the skin and prevents the development of numerous diseases, such as cancer or atherosclerosis.

In 100 g of fruit is almost 48 mg of vitamin C. pineapple is also the source of many other vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B6, Folic acid and a, E, K. It is composed of essential minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, iron, Zinc and Sodium. Pineapple also provides dietary fibre that speeds up metabolic processes and is a cleansing effect on the Intestines. An important ingredient in pineapple is a group of enzymes called bromelain, which is responsible for the numerous medicinal properties of the Fruit. It is anti-inflammatory, swollen and pain-relieved. The pineapple is a fruit of niskokalorycznym – in 100 g it provides about 50 kcal.

Pineapple Health Properties

Pineapple Exhibits healing and purifying Properties. Pineapple pulp contains a large amount of water which promotes hydration of the organism and acts detoksykacyjnieally. Bromelain present in pineapple is used in sports medicine to treat swellings and inflammations, especially post-traumatic diseases. It also exhibits analgesic properties and is therefore used in osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout (otherwise gout).

Bromelain strengthens the immune system, lowers body temperature during fever and prevents blood clots from preventing coronary artery disease or venous inflammation of the veins. This enzyme is used in the alternative for allergies and respiratory tract Infections. Pineapple juice is recommended for gargling with persistent cough. It is also indicated for asthma and bronchitis, as bromelain reduces the density of mucus in the Airways. This compound also works odkażającoly and assists in the healing process of WOUNDS. Some countries, e.g. japan, they use bromelain in case of animal bites or insect bites. Pineapple is recommended in the diet of people exposed or suffering to osteoporosis, as it supplies the minerals responsible for the condition of the Bones. The presence of pineapple in the diet also contributes to alleviating heartburn and other stomach ailments.

Slimming Properties of Pineapple

Pineapple is referred to as a natural and effective weight reducer. Fibre present in the fruit metabolism, regulates the bowels and gives a feeling of fullness after a meal, as it swells in the stomach. Slimming properties also shows Bromelain which improves digestion and removes excess water from the body. In weight loss diets it is eating fresh pineapple. Fruits canned in syrup, sugar dipped that provides a large amount of calories. Avoid also immature pineapples, which can lead to acidification of the body.


Papaya shake

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Papaya shakeThe papaya is green-yellow, inside an orange, oval Shaped. Papaya fruits usually available in our market have About. 20 cm long, in nature grow up to half a metre.

Components for papaya shake

  •     1/2 Papaya
  •     1 banana
  •     1 cup of vegetable milk (E.G. Almond and Rice)
  •     1 cup of coconut water (or vegetable milk j.w.)
  •     1 tbsp maple syrup

Preparation papaya shake

  1.     lengthwise in Half. From Mid-papaya Choose a spoon and peel the SEEDS. The other half can be stowed in the refrigerator and used on another Occasion.
  2.     Papaya cut into cubes and put into a blender container. Add the peeled sliced banana, vegetable milk and coconut water and maple syrup. Mix on a velvety texture.

How to eat papaya?

Preferably RAW. Pieces of fruit can be drizzleed with lemon or season with salt and pepper. Papaję can be added to sorbets, ice creams and fruit salads. however, you have to add just before serving, because it causes the miękniecie of other Fruits. Papaya Juice is ideal as a refreshing beverage for warmer weather. Papaya blends well with cooked dishes – seafood, chicken, curry, stew or spicy dishes. Thanks to the enzyme, papainie, papaya fruit combined with meat gives them brittleness.

Their use in the kitchen also have papaya seeds, because they are well suited for seasoning Dishes.

Before you take your papaya, you have to rinse it thoroughly-so rid not only the dirt, but especially the pesticides, which the fruit can be covered. Then download the inedible and bitter skin with a knife, cut papaję in half and choose. The rest of the papaya pulp can be cut into cubes.

Papaya – nutritional values

Papaya contains quite A few vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin A and folic acid, potassium, copper, magnesium, fiber, flavonoids and papain enzyme. One papaya fruit supplies a lot of energy – about 120 kcal, Most of them are hydrocarbons.

Papaya contains more vitamin C than oranges and grapefruits – one fruit provides twice the dose of daily demand for this compound. This ensures that the papaya enhances immunity and has anti-inflammatory effects. It also neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals.

In turn, thanks to vitamin A, the papaya improves eyesight and positively affects the Skin. In addition, this vitamin, along with flavonoids (lutein, zeaksantyną and kryptoksantyną) have strong antioxidant effects – they prevent the body from aging. In turn, the enzyme papain, which has the ability to digest proteins, promotes the work of the digestive System. Promotes weight loss and prevents constipation and flatulence.

Papaya Exhibits strong anti-cancer effects. Supports the production of so-called That inhibit the growth of cancer. It protects against breast tumor, prostate cancer, cervix, lungs and Pancreas. It strengthens the circulatory system, reduces the risk of infarction, stroke or atherosclerosis because it reduces the synthesis of bad cholesterol in the Body. Papaya seeds are also edible.

Papaya seeds are black, round, peppery and bitter in taste. They are considered a natural cure, which can help with many Ailments. They help in the inflammation, relieve pain, fight ringworm, can also be used as an antiparasitic Agent.

Papaya – contraindications

Papaya is not, however, a fruit that can eat all people. Some people are allergic to it. Papaya contains a white liquid that can cause irritation and allergic reactions. It causes a cross-hair allergy with latex – this means that people allergic to latex are also allergic to papaya.

The papaya  should also be considered pregnant women because the seeds can cause foetal harm. The dangerous is also the immature, green papaya fruit. It contains large amounts of karpainy alkaloid, which can endanger our health if eaten in higher doses. The immature papaya fruit can be cooked to rid unwanted compounds.


How to remineralize ro water?

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remineralize ro waterUp to 70% of our body consists of water – That’s Why it is important to regularly replenish it during the day. however, we often forget that not every water is the same! The majority of the waters contain a variety of mineral salts-but they differ in the degree of saturation of these valuable ingredients for our Health. What water to drink, not only to irrigate the body, but also to take care of the correct levels of macro and trace elements?

Nutrients in Water – what does it drink?

Practically every water contains ions of mineral salts, but in different proportions. Using the distinction according to the degree of water mineralization, we can divide them into.

It would seem that, therefore, the more mineral substances – so important for our health – we deliver together with the water, the better for Us. But is it true? Do not necessarily!

Healthy Nutrition with mineral water

The proper diet will certainly come in need products rich necessary for the proper functioning of our body Micro-and Macroelements. But is water a good source? Certainly the minerals contained therein are very helpful in keeping the body healthy, but do not overdo them. Which water should we choose?

Water remineralize ro water -among them we find also so Called. Medicinal waters which are characterised by an exceptionally high mineral content. They are usually extracted from deep, underground layers of Aquifers. Thanks to the isolation from external factors, they are characterized by exceptional purity and constancy of Composition. But drinking them too much can harm us-also the excess of Micro-and macronutrients is not beneficial to our Health. They should be avoided primarily by children and pregnant women and during breastfeeding. It is recommended for athletes-especially since calcium and magnesium contained in them prevent the formation of sourdough.

Medicated water should be eaten very carefully-1 cup a day completely enough. Whether we can take it more and how long we need to do it, ask your Doctor. Other waters of this group can be eaten daily, of course, in the absence of contraindications, however, we should drink them interchangeably with the product of medium or, in order not to burden the kidneys too much.

Water-most of us can drink them without restriction-water remineralize ro water is not indicated for young children, as well as women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Water-it’s usually spring water or so-called. Mineral deposits with a low mineralization rate. We can drink them without restriction-they will also be suitable for babies. With their use, we can also prepare home meals and Drinks-they will not change their taste, and perfectly rospuszczą all the Nutrients.

Water mineralisation and proper nutrition although water should not be the primary source of minerals in our diet, it will be a good choice as a diet Supplement. We find in It:

  •     Magnesium-strengthens immunity, is responsible for proper functioning of the nervous system and muscle work,
  •     Sulfur-supports the liver in its purification function of the body of toxins, and also softenss our joints,
  •     Potassium-promotes memory and concentration through participation in brain dotlenianiu, moreover, improves the functioning of the nervous and muscular system,
  •     Sodium-regulates the water and Acid-alkaline body, promotes the absorption of nutrients and is responsible for the normal operation of the heart muscle,
  •     Chlorine-regulates Digestive processes, Evens The PH and water management of the organism,
  •     Calcium-is responsible for strong bones and teeth, improves the work of the nervous system and also affects the proper clotting of the blood.

Just remember not to overdo it. The functioning of the systems and organs on which the work is influenced by the various elements may be disturbed by excess. So choose wisely!


The Billy Bishop Airport Tunnel Project

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Ports Toronto owns and operates Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport located at the foot of Bathurst Street.

The tunnel is a game-changer for our operations and customer service, as it will provide passengers with convenient, predictable and reliable access to Billy Bishop Airport, and enable passengers to travel, on their own schedule, from the mainland to the airport in approximately six minutes. Approximately 1,100 people per hour can travel through the tunnel.

Officially opened on July 30 21015, the pedestrian tunnel was constructed and financed using a P3 model that ensured that no taxpayer dollars were used to fund the project. The project was delivered on budget and within the 24-36 month timeframe announced for this project in 2012.

In addition to facilitating pedestrian movement to and from the airport, the tunnel carries City of Toronto water and sewage mains.